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Where are you located?

We are located inside The Courtyard in Al Quoz. Parking is available on 6A Street outside Al Serkal Avenue.

I am interested in a job with you/can I send my CV and portfolio:

We always like to hear from fresh, new talent. You can send your cv to [email protected]

How do I book?

You can call us on 04 3471745, email us at [email protected] or send us a whatsapp on +971 54 458 9107 and we will be happy to answer any enquiry. Or you can leave you mobile or email address here with details of which service you are interested in and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Who owns the RAW files?

Digital negatives remain the exclusive property of The Studio. If you choose to purchase high-resolution digital images, these will always be retouched to your liking. In this case, although The Studio remains the owner, you are given unlimited rights to print and duplicate your images.

How will I receive my images?

We will send you a link that you can use to download your images.  All retouched images are sent in two formats; high and low resolution. We will also send you “social media ready” images so that you can post them straight onto Instagram/Facebook

How long will my shoot be?

Corporate Portrait – up to 30 minutes
Family portrait – up to 1 hour
Couple – up to 1 hour
Pregnancy/Maternity – up to 1 hour
Model shoot – up to 1 hour
Newborn – up to 2 hours
Bareface shoot – up to 30 minutes

How much are your shoots?

You can view our different packages here.

Can I buy frames and prints?

Yes, please contact us and we can provide you with more details.

When do I pay for my shoot?

Your shoot fee is due at the time of booking or on the day of the shoot.  This payment is non-refundable. We accept Visa and Master Card, bank transfer or payment in cash.

How do I choose my favourite photos?

You will be sent a password-protected online gallery where you can view all of the images that were taken during your shoot. From here you can select the images that you would like to have retouched.  It takes 1-2 weeks for your images to be ready depending on your order. Please let us know if you have a deadline in mind for your final product when placing your order.


Will my images be retouched?

Following your selection, your images will be professionally retouched to create a natural result.  If you have any special requirements (eg. blemishes or fine lines to be removed), please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Can I buy high-resolution images?

Yes, you can.  We appreciate people want to keep the files digitally for future use and sharing online with friends and family. We have a selection of digital packages to choose from and these can be found on our packages page.

Can I have all of the unedited images?

Digital negatives remain the exclusive property of The Studio. Depending on the package you select, we can provide you with all of the images from the online gallery. In this case, although The Studio remains the owner, you are given unlimited rights to print and duplicate your images.

I would like you to film and/or photograph my wedding, how do I start the process?

You can contact us to give us the details of your wedding and we can discuss your requirements as well as answer all of your questions. The important information that we will need is the date and location of your wedding, whether you want both photography and videography, how many hours you would want the crew and how many guests are attending the event. If you don’t know all of this at this stage, just tell us what you know, and we can help from there. Alternatively, you could email [email protected] and we will be happy to help you start the process. For such a special event, we prefer to meet with you in order to discuss your needs in person.

What does a wedding session cost?

To us, every wedding is unique, and we can tailor a package to suit any couple’s needs. Our packages start at AED 4,000 and you can find details of our wedding package options here. If you can let us know as many details as you can, we will send you the appropriate package and cost. We encourage you to come by our studio and have a chat and a coffee with us. We always prefer to discuss your requirements face to face so we can put together a bespoke package that suits your needs.

How much do I need to pay as a deposit?

We require a 50% deposit, which is non-refundable, to secure the date. The remaining amount is due a week before the wedding day.

How far should we book in advance?

Typically, between three to six months in advance and as soon as you have a date and venue. If you have your dates already, check with us for availability, as we might be able to accommodate your needs on short notice.

Who will be the photographer and / or videographer at our wedding?

We have a professional, dedicated in-house team of wedding photographers and videographers. We can provide portfolios and show reels for each of our crew members so that you can see the quality of their work
Our team has photographed weddings across several cultural and religious traditions. We also offer the option of female photographers and videographers only if preferable.

Do you offer your services for weddings outside of the UAE?

Yes, we do, and we love having the opportunity of capturing a wedding outside of the UAE. Please contact us for more details.

When should we do the wedding portraits, before or after the ceremony?

This is really up to you. Normally the wedding portraits take place either a couple of hours before the ceremony or immediately after the ceremony and before the reception. We recommend taking your portrait photographs during sunset to take advantage of the softer light.
If you feel your day is already too busy, we could also do your wedding portraits after the wedding.

Do you take shots of us getting ready?

These are some of our favourite photographs and video to capture. At this time, we always make sure we get those special detail shots of your rings, dress, shoes and capture the energy and excitement of the bride and groom, their families and friends. Our lead photographer will accompany the bride and her party and if you book a second shooter, they will go with the men to capture the groom and his party getting ready. The same goes for film; we spilt into teams to get the best possible shots out of the build-up.

Do you shoot in black & white?

We love black & white photographs. We shoot digitally, and this allows us to process the images in B&W or colour in post-production.

What about other image styles?

There are countless ways to edit a photo. Some may appeal to one couple, while not to another. If you see a particular style you like, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate.

What kind of equipment do you use?

The photography team shoot with Canon 5DIII and a combination of Canon prime and zoom lenses. The film team use various cameras such as the Sony A7s ii and Sony Z150 and have access to a gimbal and sliders to create smooth shots of you and your guests. We also have a crane that can capture a more cinematic feel for your wedding video.

When will I get to see my wedding photos?

We send a ‘sneaky peak’ within 2 weeks from your wedding day. However, your main gallery (available online and password protected) will generally be ready within 4 weeks.  This is when you can choose the images you would like in your wedding album. Once you choose your favourite images, we will design your album and send you proofs.  Once this is approved it will take 10 working days for the album to be printed and you get to relive your special day once again.

How many images will we get?

Typically, over 60-80 shots are taken per hour. Depending on the wedding, these will be filtered down and you will receive on average 40-60 images per hour, after the blinking and blurring are removed. You will receive an online ‘web gallery’ where you can select your favourite images, which will then be edited in colour and black & white for printing and album use. The remaining images will be supplied in colour. All images will be delivered on a USB in high and low resolution; however, no RAW (unedited) images are released.

How long will my wedding film be?

We provide a trailer that is usually about 3-5 minutes long and the full film can be between 10 and 15 minutes long. It all depends on how long the wedding is and the angles available to edit. Both, the trailer and full film, are uploaded to Vimeo where you can share with family and friends protected by a password. Raw footage and longer edits of 30-40 minutes are available at an extra cost as well. Please contact us for more details.


Do you offer albums?

Yes, we do offer beautiful albums. We have custom-designed A3 hardbound coffee-table photo albums in leather, along with a selection of other products.  Please contact us for more details.

Do you deliver the printed products and my USB overseas?

We can deliver your products overseas.

Please keep in mind there will be a charge for this to cover the delivery charges.  Please contact us for more details.

Will you post the photographs online?

We are really proud of the work we do for our clients and will use them for social media and marketing. If you wish for us to not use your images, please let us know in advance.

How can I prepare my children and family for the session?

Be prepared for any eventuality, we want you to bring everything you feel will make the session more fun and comfortable for you.
Our suggestions are:
– Bring some makeup and hair accessories for quick touch-ups between shots
– If your session includes your children bring an extra outfit or two, in addition to the planned outfits.
– Bring along your children’s favourite toys – especially if they are very young. It can help settle them to have something familiar in the shoot with them.
– Make sure your outfits are clean and ironed
– Be yourself and bring a smile

What type of clothing should we wear?

Avoid bold prints and patterns, as these can be distracting to the eye when viewing the photographs. If the session is for your baby, consider doing some with no clothing or just bottoms on. Tastefully done, birthday suit baby photography emphasises the simple beauty of your child with minimal visual distraction. Other than that, be yourself and feel free to express your own individuality with your clothes too!

I am camera shy; will you tell me how to pose?

We will work with you and your family to make you comfortable in front of the camera. With adults, a relaxed and natural pose is crucial to getting the best expressions. With children’s photography, we create an environment that gives children the freedom to be spontaneous as this makes for the best child picture. Capturing a child’s unique expressions while they are caught up in the moment with themselves or with a parent or sibling makes for the most expressive child portrait.

In a family portrait, closeness expressed among family members is the key – having fun playing, hugging, and holding hands are all things we will encourage during your session.  We also have a variety of props available to use during the shoot.

What happens during a maternity/pregnancy shoot?

Our goal is to show off that adorable baby bump.  We recommend photographing you on a solid black or white backdrop. A simple black or white (or both!) top in which the bottom area can be unbuttoned easily to expose your belly works well, or even a tube top and if you have something special you want to wear, bring it along. Encourage daddy – and your children if you have others – to come along if you wish.

We will take several poses with your hands, so be sure to remove any jewellery that you do not want in the picture. If you know you are having a boy or a girl and/or know what your baby will be named, please let us know that as well and we can have additional props ready. Finally, be assured that we want you to be comfortable so please let us know what you prefer the shoot to be like. We promise that we will do very graceful and tasteful posing for your pictures.

How do I prepare for a shoot for my newborn baby?

Most of the time, newborn babies look best in their natural element, that is, their birthday suit. If you want them to be photographed with clothes on, solid colours usually work best. Feel free to bring any kind of props you would like to include such as special blankets, shows, dresses, soft toys etc.

For newborn shoots, it is best to photograph them being between 1-14 days old. We understand that a baby will need plenty of time for feeding and changing so we allow extra time for this. This also allows us the best chance of capturing your baby asleep and awake. We encourage parents to dress in solid black from head to toe so that we can get the creative shots you are looking for! We would always suggest feeding your baby just before the shoot so that they are rested and sleeping during the shoot. This enables us to easily put them into different poses.

How do I prepare for a shoot for my toddler/child?

As with the other portraits, we always suggest the kids to be dressed in solid colours. Bright, fun and funky colours bring out a fun side while blue jeans, and white shirts are for more serious captures. A pretty dress is always beautiful for little girls. Accessories such as hats, sunglasses, boots, blankets, and so on, can be great to bring out their individuality. Feel free to bring any other prop or comfort item that you want to include.

In terms of time, studio sessions with children are best they are fresh and already napped and fed before, especially babies. You will need to pick a time when your children are at their best, some are best in the morning, some in the afternoon.

What time of the day is best for outdoor shoots?

Photography sessions outdoors are usually scheduled late afternoon/early evening or early morning in order take advantage of the best natural light. We all know how hot gets in Dubai, so we strongly advise no outside shooting from June to September.

How long is the session? How many pictures do you take?

The average session lasts one hour and averages around 30-60 photos. During your session, we will ensure that your family, children or pet is given the time they need to get acquainted with us and become relaxed. You can be sure that you will get the attention you deserve.

Since every family is different, additional time may be required if you have more than one child, a large group, or if backdrop or clothing changes are necessary. It is always good to let us know how many people we are photographing so we can accommodate you.

Do I have to come to the studio for my business headshots?

No, we can come to your location if you would prefer or if you have a large number of people to be photographed. Please contact us and we can discuss the best solution for you

How will I receive my photos?

We will send you a download link where you can download your images. You will receive them in high and low res as well as colour and black & white. The images take up to 7 days to be ready from when you select them.

Can I use the images and videos on social media?

We can provide the images and video in varying formats to make sure they are compatible to post on social media platforms. We can also offer onsite editing so you can post your photos or video straight after the event.

When will I get my photos and video from my event?

We always provide a selection of images within 24 hours of the end of the event; however, we can have these edited onsite if you need to have them immediately. For videos, we need a few days to create the edit but again, if you need something immediately, we can provide editing services on site.

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